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Ian Bick, at 28, boasts a lifetime of experiences that far surpass the average person's journey. His remarkable story serves as a beacon of hope for others navigating life's tumultuous waters.

Eager to discuss ambition, Ian's entrepreneurial spirit shone early as he became the owner of a nightclub at the tender age of 18. His venues hosted some of Danbury, Connecticut's most legendary parties, featuring renowned acts such as Steve Aoki, the Chainsmokers, and 21 Savage. Success seemed inevitable, but there was an unexpected twist on the horizon.

Ian's business endeavors took an unforeseen turn, plunging him into a world of debt, a gambling addiction, and the immense pressure of keeping his investors satisfied. These challenges propelled him into the complex web of the legal system, resulting in his incarceration from ages 21 to 24 for wire fraud and money laundering.

Upon his release, Ian returned home, determined to lead a quiet and uneventful life. However, the ambitious spirit that had driven him throughout his tumultuous journey remained unyielding. Older and wiser, Ian was ready to harness the lessons of his past to create something extraordinary. Instead of burying his past, he chose to lay it bare.

Ian leveraged social media as his incubator, cultivating a brand focused on sharing stories like his own. After gaining traction on TikTok, Ian launched his podcast, "Locked In with Ian Bick," where he engages with former inmates, law enforcement officials, lawyers, and others who have been touched by the criminal justice system and whose voices so often go unheard.

Ian took significant risks to produce high-quality, in-person podcasts. Within a year, his content garnered hundreds of millions of views, and he established a podcast production company that assists creators in crafting short-form content to build their platforms.

Yet, Ian Bick isn't just talk. He is committed to aiding individuals who, like himself and his podcast guests, are striving to overcome adversity. As a board member of the National Association for Re-Entry Professionals, Ian plays an active role in supporting those reintegrating into society after incarceration. He has also made impactful presentations at conferences dedicated to reforming the criminal justice system in the United States, cementing his dedication to creating a more just and inclusive society for all.


November 9, 2023


April 9, 2024







Have listened to nearly every episode of this podcast since finding it 6 weeks ago. Amazing stories of redemption. Well done Ian Bick, you are a master podcaster.

Found you on TikTok

Pulled me in immediately with Jen Gomez’s story. Her self awareness and growth is so inspiring and I loved the conversation you two had.


Such an addicting podcast 10/10

This podcast is so addicting! The interviewers have such amazing stories! They speak of their darkest moments and how they have overcome that and not only overcome but succeeded because of their downfall! Ian brings people on from all walks of life and it's amazing/ inspiring/ gained knowledge to hear all these humans! If it's not relatable for you as a listener it still will grasp your attention! 10/10 recommend! Thank you Ian for bringing us locked in!

High quality, well done

Unique podcast getting the unfiltered stories of everyday people impacted by addiction and incarceration. Unique stories because they are not famous people. Ian is really good, thoughtful, compassionate. Ian lets people tell their stories, doesn’t constantly interrupt. Highly recommend.


Great show

I’m a former convict. I did 5 years in pen for drugs and I’m now clean and sober for over 20 years now. I love listening to your show while I’m at work. Keep up the great work you are doing there. You are an inspiration to former convicts out there.


‘Absolutely love all the episodes. They are extremely entertaining and great to see so many different perspectives and stories! My favorite to listen to!’

Lizad72 (Apple Podcast, ★★★★★)


So inspiring

I’m in law enforcement and this is what we hope will happen but too often doesn’t. With folks like Mr. Springer in the game it surely will happen a whole lot more. Thanks Ian for another great podcast and story of redemption.


Great interviews!

Ian Bick is an incredible interviewer at such a young age. These stories are so powerful and can help others see there are opportunities for everyone to redeem themselves no matter what they have done in their past.


LOVE the podcast!!!

Matt cox getting covid and missing the first interview paid off for you. This was one of his best interviews. As a listener of both of you REALLY enjoyed it!!!



I am obsessed with this podcast! I have started from the beginning and listened to the all!! I find all the stories so uplifting and showing that people make mistakes but can always better themselves. I even passed it on to someone who I believe really needed the help!!!


Officially hooked!

I saw a clip of this podcast on TikTok and it caught my attention. I had the intent to only watch the one episode that I saw a clip of. Now I can not stop listen to it. I really enjoy this podcast.


‘I’ve been listening for a couple months now and I love every episode especially the Chevy chase one!!’

Kyle6588 (Apple Podcast, ★★★★★)



Great show!!

This is a solid show! I stumbled upon it accidentally and loved it! I immediately went back , caught up with all the prior episodes and haven’t missed one since! Ian is a great interviewer with real world experiences! I cant say enough good about it!!!


Inside look at people, crime, prison AND change!

I listen to numerous, factual podcasts. I don’t want to hear about the weekend the host(s) had. We all experienced the weekend, but we all haven’t had the life, committed the crimes, nor been in prison. As stated above, Ian Bick and guests gives us the FACTUAL inside look at criminals lives, addictions, the crime, experience in Federal or state prison and how they changed, often helping others. Crime has been happening for decades. There is no end as new criminals take over when the others die, are imprisoned or when/if they change their behavior. Society needs podcasts like this played in schools beginning in elementary school.

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