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June 14, 2024

Barry Minkow

Master Con Artist Exposes His Greatest Scams: How He Masterminded Unbelievable Frauds

Discover the mind-blowing secrets of a master con artist as he reveals his most daring and infamous scams. From intricate frauds to unbelievable cons, get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how he pulled off his greatest schemes.


June 12, 2024

Charlie Hartman

Inmate Unveils Master Plan: How He Orchestrated the Ultimate $250,000 Scam

Discover the intricate details and audacious moves of a mastermind as he reveals the secrets behind his jaw-dropping quarter-million-dollar con. From the initial spark of inspiration to the meticulous execution, this gripping tale uncovers the lengths one man went to pull off the ultimate scam.


June 10, 2024

Eric Paquin

Career Criminal Exposes His Signature Crime, Prison Survival & Near-Fatal Shooting

A seasoned career criminal shares his experiences with his go-to crime, the challenges of surviving in prison, and the harrowing tale of a near-fatal shooting. Discover the raw and unfiltered truth behind his life of crime and survival.


June 7, 2024

Victor Shear's True Crime Story

Captured Bank Robber Reveals Unbelievable Heist Details

A former bank robber reveals the details of a shocking heist and how he was ultimately captured. Tune in to hear his incredible story and what led to his downfall.


June 5, 2024

Big Bootsie

Why Inmates Check Paperwork In Prison

A former inmate reveals why checking paperwork in prison is absolutely crucial. Gain valuable insights into prison life, understand the importance of documentation, and learn how this often-overlooked detail can make a significant difference in a correctional facility. Whether you're curious about the prison system, preparing for a potential incarceration, or simply interested in true inmate stories, this video provides essential knowledge straight from someone who's been on the inside

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