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December 8, 2023

Chad Harlan

How To Smuggle Contraband Into Jail With Balloons

Chad Harlan is on the show to share his story of growing up in Jersey Shore, how his life turned into chaos & how he was ultimately able to turn it all around and create a new life for himself.


December 4, 2023

Terasa Tanelli

Horror Stories From Working In Psychiatric Hospitals

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Terasa Tanelli gives us the inside scoop and horror stories of working in juvenile detention facilities & psychiatric wards.


December 1, 2023

Brandon Novak

Surviving Jail, Skateboarding with Tony Hawk & His Relationship w/ Bam Margera

Brandon Novak is on the show to share his story of skateboarding with Tony Hawk, battles with his own demons, surviving jail and how was able to build a new life for himself.


November 27, 2023

Jessica Bell

Ex Con Mom On Surviving Federal Prison

Jessica Bell shares how she got wrapped up in a federal indictment, what is was like to be sent to a women's federal prison and how she survived a 5 year sentence.


November 24, 2023

Will Flanagan

Prosecutor On Putting Chomos & Corrupt Cops In Prison

Former Prosecutor, Mayor & Criminal Defense Attorney Will Flanagan comes on to give us the details of prosecuting the bad guys, corruption in the justice system, what it's like to be one of the youngest mayors in the country and why public defenders represent those accused of horrendous crimes.


November 20, 2023

1090 Jake

Prison War Stories

YouTube sensation 1090 Jake is on the show to share his story of joining a gang at a young age, getting sentenced to prison & the insane war stories that came with it and how he was able to turn his past into a platform.


November 17, 2023

Matthew Cox

King Of Fraud Becomes Federal Prison Snitch

YouTuber & Podcaster Matthew Cox is on the show to share how he made millions from mortgage fraud, ended up on the Secret Service’s most wanted list, got sentenced to 25 years in prison and how he was able to become an informant to get his sentenced reduced.


November 13, 2023

Ryan Alvarado

McLovin's Prison Camp Bunkmate Shares All

Ian Bick's former prison bunkmate Ryan Alvarado is on the show to share his story of how he got himself in the crosshairs of the Federal Government & sentenced to federal prison, what is was like to go through a divorce in prison & crazy stories from his time at the federal prison camp with Ian AKA Mclovin.


November 10, 2023

Lonett Williams

Former Inmate Reveals How She Ran A Prison Bakery To Make Money

Lonett Williams from BET's American Gangster Trap Queen Series shares how she went from successful real estate mogul to federal prison inmate for 10 years after the 2008 market crash. We get an inside look of her fraud, how she managed to survive prison for nearly a decade and what life is like for her now.


November 6, 2023

Frank Rodriguez

Ex Con Reveals How He Built A Criminal Enterprise In Prison

YouTuber Frank Rodriguez comes on the show to talk about overcoming addiction, surviving immigration jail as a teenager and building a criminal enterprise while he was in prison.

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